Viser innlegg fra oktober, 2011

Sellafield decommissioning cost

British media have ask the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change what the cost was of decommissioning the nuclear site at Sellafield in each of the last five years; and what estimate he has made of the cost in each year to 2016.

Nuclear security mission to Sellafield and Barrow completed

Guardians of our Common Seas, Bellona and Sellafield Ltd. had a conference i Brussels 3 March 2010.  In this meeting we spoke for the need of international inspection of Sellafield.

A team of nuclear security experts led by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has visited the UK to assess civil nuclear security arrangements. This follows a commitment made in advance of President Obama’s Nuclear Security Summit in April 2010.

Meget gledelig sikkerhetskontroll gjennomført ved Sellafield

Lofoten mot Sellafield arrangerte et møte i Brüssel 3. mars 2010 hvor deltakelse fra EU, Storbritannia, Nordisk Råd og det norske Miljøverndepartement var til stede.  Da krevde vi internasjonal inspeksjon.  I slutten av mars samme år annonserte daværende statsminister Gordon Brown at ha ville gjennomføre en sikkerhetsgjennomgang ved Sellafield-anlegget.

Sellafield starts inquiry after Japanese nuclear waste flasks contaminated

Sellafield has launched an investigation into how the surface of three nuclear waste containers shipped to Japan became contaminated with radioactive material. The containers were part of a cargo of 76 canisters of vitrified high-level waste. They were found to be contaminated when they were unloaded at the Rokkasho storage facility in northern Japan. Sellafield says that, following subsequent checks, two containers turned out to be within Japanese radiation limits but one was above the threshold.

Historic Radioactive Sludge retrieved from 60 year old tank

More than 1000m³ of radioactive sludge dating back to the 1950s has been retrieved from one of the oldest facilities on the Sellafield site, two months ahead of the schedule set out on the Sellafield Plan which was launched this summer.