Viser innlegg fra juli, 2011

UK Government require stress test

The UK Government has decided that it will require all nuclear operators (not just nuclear reactors) to carry out the stress test analysis and report this to Government. All information arising will be collated and followed up under Government and Regulatory channels, though only the nuclear reactor information will be formally onward reported to EC in accordance with the stress test requirement.

Radioactive waste from Sellafield to Japan again

A second shipment of radioactive waste is set to be transported from Sellafield to Japan on schedule – despite the country still suffering the after-effects of March’s deadly tsunami.

Sellafield will after all be subjected to a stress test

THE BRITISH government said the Sellafield nuclear plant will after all be subjected to a stress test in the wake of the Fukushima emergency, reversing its previous assertion that the plant would not be examined.
“The focus of the tests is on nuclear power plants, and the stress tests will also be applied to UK facilities in the nuclear fuel cycle, including Sellafield,” a British government spokeswoman in Brussels said yesterday to Irish Times.