UK Government require stress test

The UK Government has decided that it will require all nuclear operators (not just nuclear reactors) to carry out the stress test analysis and report this to Government. All information arising will be collated and followed up under Government and Regulatory channels, though only the nuclear reactor information will be formally onward reported to EC in accordance with the stress test requirement.

In other words, the EC stress test does not require it, but Government has asked that it is carried out & followed up anyway.

- To help explain - one of the main reasons for this is that EC only currently has competency over nuclear reactors under the Nuclear Directive. The second Directive, on which agreement was reached at the beginning of July, will extend EC's competency to fuel cycle facilities and radioactive waste. I'm not sure when the fuel and waste Directive comes into force, say a spokemen for NDA to us in The Guardians of our Common Seas.


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