Radioactive waste from Sellafield to Japan again

A second shipment of radioactive waste is set to be transported from Sellafield to Japan on schedule – despite the country still suffering the after-effects of March’s deadly tsunami.

Three flasks of Highly Active Waste (HAW) are currently in a marshalling area at the west Cumbrian site, waiting to be carried by rail and sea to the Far East.

The material is waste from spent fuel reprocessed at Sellafield for the Japanese nuclear industry.
International Nuclear Services (INS) is responsible for the shipments and has already completed one return to Japan and one to Holland.

It was feared the Japanese returns could be under threat following the tsunami and the subsequent disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

But Sellafield bosses say they have received reassurances from the Far East that the programme will continue as planned.

Sellafield vitrified residue returns programme manager Will Watson said to New&Star: “Since the tragic events on March 11, we have been working closely with INS to support our customers in Japan through this difficult time. Such close collaboration has helped secure the reassurances needed by all parties that the second Japanese return can progress to its original schedule.”

Source: News & Star


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