Stuart MacVean leaving Nuclear Management Partners

Stuart MacVean has filled the role since Nuclear Management Partners succeeded BNFL as Sellafield’s parent body company in 2008. He is returning to the United States to take up a high profile position at the Savannah River complex.
Photo: Behind from left: British Ambassador in Norway Jane Owen, Robbie Huston, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).  Front from left: Per-Kaare Holdal, Guardians of our Common Seas and Stuart MacVean, Director Spent Fuel Management , Sellafield Ltd and also representing Nuclear Management Partners (NMP).

Sellafield Ltd is bringing in another American boss to take charge of reprocessing. The new Director, Scott Sax, who is due to join the site at the end of the month to start his new job as director of spent fuel management.  Mr Sax comes to Sellafield as his replacement from the Washington River Production Solutions where he’s been chief operating officer. He draws on 27 years as a senior level project manager, most of them at nuclear sites. Lately he’s managed America’s sole US fuel reprocessing facility on behalf of the US Department of Energy.
Sellafield managing director Todd Wright says: “Scott is known for his record in driving step-changes in performance while improving safety in hazardous environments.  “A great deal has been achieved within spent fuel management in the two-and-a-half years Stuart has been director.

“Thorp reached the 600 tons fuel shearing milestone while the stores inventory retrieval project which is making one of the greatest reductions in hazard at Sellafield was completed ahead of schedule. “Thorp’s medium active salt free evaporator was brought online and work is ongoing in the Calder asbestos strip. Stuart puts this down to team spirit and a flexible approach demonstrated by his workforce,” Dr Wright added.

Source: Whitehaven News.


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