The agenda for InfoArena 2013 - meeting point Oslo

                          Gamle Losjen, Oslo

          Session I – Policy and strategy section

Joint Statement 2012 as a basis and contributions from politicians and governments with responses

08.30 Registration

08.55 Where have all the flowers gone, song by Johs Røde, Guardians of our Common Seas

09.00 Opening remarks – chair bishop Tor B. Jørgensen

09:05 Opening of InfoArena 2013 – The Norwegian Minister of Environment Bård Vegar Solhjell

09:20  What InfoArena have achieved and what remains - chair bishop Tor B. Jørgensen and Per-Kaare Holdal, Guardians of our Common Seas

09:40 Storage and reprocessing of radio-active waste form a Nordic Perspective, Lauri Heikkilä, Sannfinländarna (saf), Nordic Council

10:00  Appeal from the Norwegian county councils – Arne Ivar Mikalsen, Nordland parliamentary candidate for Social Liberal Party

10:20 Break

10:40 UK Government Policy – Rene McTaggart, Department of Energy and Climate Change, UK

11:00 Strategy perspective from NDA, HAL and reprocessing, including material from Dounreay - Adrian Simper, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

11:20 Consequences for Norway– Solveig Dysvik, Senior Advisor, Norwegian
Radiation Protection Authority 

11:40 Q/A - Moderator chair Tor B. Jørgensen

12:00 Lunch

                 Session II – Technical progress section

13:15 Opening of the technical progress section – Nils Bøhmer, Bellona

13:30 Update on the improvements to the safety culture at Sellafield, Kliss
McNeel, Sellafield Ltd

13:50 Progress report on Sellafield Plan –Rex Strong, Sellafield Ltd

14:05  Update on HAL stock – Steve Walker and Mark Foy, Sellafield Ltd

13:35 Progress report on Sellafield Plan - Rex Strong, Sellafield Ltd

14:10 The future management of magnox and oxide fuels at Sellafield – Steve
Bostock, Sellafield Ltd

14:55 Q&A, Moderator Nils Bøhmer

15:15 Closing remarks and statement – chair Tor B. Jørgensen, Robbie Huston, NDA and Per-Kaare Holdal, Guardians of our Common Seas.

Our responsibility here, song by Johs Røde, Guardians of our Common Seas

15.30 Conference closes

(There may be changes in the agenda)



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