ONR serves Improvement Notice to Sellafield Ltd

ONR has completed a formal investigation into the design and construction of Evaporator D at Sellafield due to ONR’s growing concerns about the project.

 The investigation has highlighted systematic faults with quality management and oversight of the Evaporator D project that Sellafield needs to address. This is a nuclear construction project to replace three existing evaporators that are approaching the end of their operational life.

As a result, ONR has today (6 June 2013) served Sellafield Ltd with an Improvement Notice for non compliance with legal requirements associated with the quality management arrangements for the Evaporator D project
 The Improvement Notice requires Sellafield Ltd to put measures into place to correct shortfalls in legal compliance by 6 December.

ONR will not agree to commissioning or operation of Evaporator D until we are fully satisfied that it will meet its design intent and deliver the safety functions required of it.



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