IRISH CONCERNS in relation to Sellafield

IRISH CONCERNS in relation to Sellafield were voiced by Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan when he met his British counterpart Chris Huhne at the weekend.

Mr Hogan reiterated the concerns of the Government in relation to Sellafield, both over discharges into the Irish Sea and the risks associated with any accident or event at the plant.

Against the background of recent events at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, Mr Hogan emphasised the importance of the Ireland/UK bilateral notification agreement in place for the early notification of nuclear accidents.

He also expressed the Government’s view that Sellafield should be covered by the “stress testing” arrangements agreed by European heads of state and government at the European Council last week.
Mr Huhne confirmed the UK would be participating in the development of the proposed “stress test” to ensure that the robustness of the safety arrangements at nuclear facilities, including Sellafield, are challenged and improved, where necessary, in light of events in Japan.
The parties met on the margins of an informal council of European Union environment ministers in Budapest.


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